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About Custom Tiles By Tile Fire

Custom Tiles by Tile Fire

About Custom Tiles by Tile Fire

Tile Fire ltd. is now in its 6th year of trading and has worked with a huge range of national companies to produce bespoke and printed custom tiles. We have been proud to produce tiles for national companies companies such as Nando’s and IHG hotels. We have also produced tiles for many independent retailers and restaurants across the country. In June 2016 we had the honour of producing over 5000 individual terracotta tiles for a wonderful public arts project. This project was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. This project was called Path of the Remembered and featured artwork supplied by the public. You can have a look at it here. We also have provided many photo tile murals and custom printed tiles for residential projects across the UK.

Our custom printed tiles.

Over the years we have refined our methods for printing custom repeat pattern tiles. We recently added a very helpful tile price calculator to our site so you can easily and quickly find out how much your project will cost. Then we print our repeat pattern tiles by converting the design to silk screen. We then screen print the design using ceramic inks. Our ceramic inks are different to normal inks because they are fired at such high temperatures. You can let us know what colours you like by sending us a colour test sheet or letting us know a PANTONE ref. Once we have screen printed your designs we transfer them to your tiles.

The tiles are then fired in our kiln at very high temperatures. Once we have done this the image is melted into the gloss of the tile. This means that the image is part of the tile and wont fade or scratch off. Now our team will carefully package your tiles and send them on their way.

Our custom printed digital tiles.

Our digitally printed tiles are made in much the same way as our repeat pattern tiles. The main difference is that we can print a much wider colour range and even photographs. Our digital tiles are great for photo quality tile murals. Our tile murals are installed like a giant jigsaw but we let you know where all the pieces go! Once again our digital tiles are fired in our kiln over night. We recommend that you take a look at Shutterstock’s website to choose a perfect image for your custom tile murals. We recommend Shutterstock because they have a massive range of images at high quality resolution. Just make a note of the image number and then one of our team will download that image free of charge for you.