Mosaic tiles – custom made!

We’ve worked with…

We’ve worked with…

Tile Colour Matching Service from Tile Fire

  • Completely unique to your space
  • Singular tile replacements available
  • Kiln fired tiles
  • Will never wear down
  • 2-3 week turnaround
  • Design service available

Tile Fire is proud to offer our bespoke mosaic design and printing service. We are the only company in the UK using this method of mosaic production. With just a photo, sketch or drawing Tile Fire enables clients to spectacularly incorporate their logos into tile installations or create stunning works of original art.

We can supply bespoke mosaic tiles for any size project you may have, the limit is your imagination!

If you want to give a personal touch that lasts for generations or you want a unique look that fits the room perfectly, your way, then simply get in touch with us and we will make your dream come true with our custom mosaic tiles.

Our mosaics come in a range of sizes and shapes with our most popular being our 5cm hexagon tile. Prices vary depending on quantity and design but our guide price is £55.00 per 30cm x 30cm panel.

All of our mosaics come with easy to understand instructions and free mock ups are provided before you place your order!

For all enquiries please email or call us on 0151 223 0377


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