How To Cut Ceramic Tiles

When it comes to tiling anything, you’ll find that all of the tiles that you have are not always perfect for the space you want to tile. In most cases, you’ll find yourself needing to cut the ceramic tiles to use them. We’re going to be looking at how you can cut your tiles without damaging them or breaking them.

Using A Tile Cutter

In some cases, it is easy to hire out a tile cutter and use that to cut your ceramic tiles. A lot of home improvement and hardware stores will have tile cutters on rent, or you can purchase your own for a relatively inexpensive price. In any instance, there are a few things you need to do to cut tiles with the cutter. First of all, you need to mark on the cutter where the tile needs to be cut down. Some people use a pencil for this, as the graphite can be washed off with no problems. What you need to is move the blade, so it is closest to you, and then put the tile in the area which has been made as a result of this, on the side furthest from you. You then push down on the level and push forward with enough force to cut the tile cleanly across the line. If you’re not sure how much power to apply, then you can practise with scrap tiles and spare ones to get the hang of the motion.

With A Wet Saw

In some cases, it’s easier to cut ceramic tiles with a wet saw instead of using a tile cutter. The wet saw is a good idea for people who are trying to work with bigger tiles or a large amount of tiles because it is a much more powerful machine and again can be purchased relatively cheaply. To begin with, you’ll need to do the same thing you would do if you were using a tile cutter, and that is to mark the area you want to cut off with a pencil, dividing the tile up. Then, with the wet saw, you need to move the tile into the path of the saw and run it through carefully. The blade will slice through the tile with no issues at all, although you may want to sand the edges off and make sure the side which has just been cut is perfectly flat.

Overall, cutting ceramic tiles is a simple enough exercise for someone who is going to be putting tiles into their home. With the correct equipment, tiling is not a strenuous exercise and is something which you’ll find to be very straightforward. Just make sure that you’re careful when you cut your tiles, as you do not want to injure yourself or others. When you’re using the wet saw, protective gloves and eyewear should always be worn to avoid permanent injury, and you should always be alert and focused when using one.

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