Originals in Pencil

Victoria Ballard is a self taught artist who specialises in pencil portraiture. 

A pencil portrait is a beautiful way to bring to life the personality of a beloved animal, a favourite subject, or special words that transport you to another place.

When you then fire those original drawings onto ceramic tiles you will be preserving them and the associated memories forever.  A truly wonderful keepsake and talking piece in your home or business.

Victoria says “We live in a digital world and are surrounded by so many perfect lines and images, I just love the naturalness that every stroke of a pencil can make.  Pencil is a medium that takes us all to a simpler time.   Victoria continues “I am so impressed with Tile Fire not an ounce of definition is lost through the firing process, you would think you are looking at the original piece of hand-drawn art”.  Victoria recommends a ‘satin’ tile finish for her drawings as it compliments the illusion of paper.

You can choose from a range of drawings from Victoria’s shop to have fired onto your chosen tile design.  Or Victoria will also gladly take on personal commissions drawn from photos ready for the firing process and she will also supply you with the original drawing upon completion of the project.