Customer Query Leads To Amazing Bespoke & Unique Floor Tiles

Our tile designs are not just for your walls!

Recently we were asked by a customer if our tiles were safe to use in a restaurant floor. Now the tiles that we usually apply our bespoke tile designs and photo tile murals to are wall tiles are wall tiles, which aren’t suitable for use on the floor let alone in a busy public area such as a restaurant floor! Lucky for this customer though they were talking to Tile Fire, we set about finding the perfect floor tiles that we could apply our designs to. You have to be very careful when picking tiles that are to be used in a public place like a restaurant or bar because they cant fade or ware nor can they be slippy. We set about going through our suppliers to find the right tile for the customer as they had a specific size in mind. We found the tiles with ease…a rather nice 10 cm x 10 cm matte mosaic porcelain floor tile!

The customer wanted one of the 3D designs from our store, so they phoned us up on 0151 223 0377 and inquired if we were able to help them with the production of a floor tile. Of course the answer was YES! Tile Fire loves making bespoke tiles, custom tiles, photo tiles in fact any tiles! And having a satisfied customer is the best!

Have a look at these amazing tiles before they were sent to the customer, we are also hoping to get a look at the tiles once they have been installed.

3D effect floor tiles

If you have a project that you have been struggling finding the right tiles for why not phone or email us? We would love to help make your bespoke tiles!