Interior Design Trends

  • Natural feel- Scandinavian design is everywhere at the moment. It’s minimalistic, rugged and rural feel utilises earthy shades of brown and green with natural materials such as slate and timber. This results in a feeling of going back to nature which can only be beaten by actually… going outside.

  • One of the common themes to interior design is customisation. Custom lighting from local artists and small businesses are being preferred to more generic pieces to create a more unique atmosphere. Handcrafted lighting pieces will bring more character into a room and similarly to the natural elements, they’ll highlight features in the room creating a more comfortable and inviting feel.

  • Continuing with the custom theme, one of the more expressive and unique ways to decorate your home is bespoke tiling. The range of patterns and colours you can use to set a mood in a room is astounding. Get the right design and your home will ooze charm in a unique way, for generations to come.


Tile Fire can create custom pattern tiles as well as bespoke murals. You can either design the pieces yourself and have them produce it using their state-of-the-art printing system and kiln, or you can describe to the designers what it is you’re trying to achieve.