Durable Bespoke Tiles Online


Looking for bespoke tiles online? Tile Fire LTD is the place to come for unique luxury and custom made tiles. We can work with you to design your tiles then manufacture them in our Liverpool based studio, giving you bespoke design tiles that are completely unique. You will have hand crafted one-off design tiles, perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or fireplace every time!

When thinking about your bespoke tile order, it’s important to think about where they will be used, for example bespoke kitchen tiles need to be resilient to cleaning products as well as heat from your oven, the same goes for bespoke fireplace tiles. If you are having bespoke bathroom tiles designed it is important that the water absorption of the tile is less than 5% so that water will not seep into the fiber of the tile. We use British Ceramic Tiles for their high quality and low absorption rate and all our tiles are kilned so that the custom design becomes part of the tile’s gloss so you don’t have to worry about fade, wear or water damage!

Tile Fire LTD also offer made to order tiles in a variety of pre-designed styles and colours and photo picture tiles that can be used to create tile murals for your home, office or public building.

Bespoke tiles, photo tile murals and made to order tiles are all available from Tile Fire LTD and amazing rates all you have to do is get in contact with us by phone on 0151 324 5555 or e-mail info@tilefire.co.uk