Modern Tile Designs for a Bespoke Feature

Quatre Large

So it is a new year and a time for thinking about any changes you may need to make to your home or workplace. We have been hard at work designing some very unique tile designs, we are confident you wont be able to find any of these designs on the high street.

The designs we have been working on have had some serious man hours going into them!

First we have done research into what customers have said that they use tiles for the most, surprise surprise it’s walls! But not just kitchen and bathroom walls, fireplace surround tiles are something a lot of people use our unique tiles for. It used to be that tiles sold for fireplaces featured designs dating back to the production of cast iron fireplaces or reproductions of such designs. We have worked on a stunning range of ceramic tiles which draw on traditional designs but have a modern feel to them. Floral pattern tiles are a timeless choice for any fireplace so we have worked on modernising floral tile designs.

Clover Tile in Spearmint, Navy and Strawberry

We have also found that people now consider a tile border to be a great addition to a living or dining room when used with a similar wallpaper or paint job. While this isn’t a standard method of decoration it will definitely make your room stand out.

Again we have a stunning selection of interior tiles that are all handmade to order just go to our contact page to order a brochure.

All of our unique tiles are handmade right here in the UK and can be bought direct from us or from one of our stockists located at the bottom of this website.