How to Get the Perfect Colour on Your Tiles

Getting the perfect colour on your tiles can be a pain for many interior designers, architects or passionate home owners. We all know just how disappointing it is when you can’t achieve that dream shade of colour you have wanted since the beginning of planning your design, and the next best colour just isn’t good enough.

Here at Tile Fire, we don’t have that problem. Using the latest technologies in tile design, we can get that perfect colour you require, and make your design dreams come true!

To get your perfect colour, clients can either send us a PANTONE reference number, or a sample of the colour that they need, i.e. some printed literature that they use. We will then have our printers go through our database of ceramic colours and if we have a pre-existing match we will use this. If not, then we will mix a brand-new ink set, just for you, at no extra cost.

Many competitors find this difficult and fail to achieve certain colours, especially bright reds – the “Coca-Cola” reds.  If these colours are fired incorrectly they can appear washed out or, in extreme circumstances, grey. To ensure the highest quality of colour for all our clients, we use a special method when loading the kiln and firing the tiles, so we can be sure our tiles achieve the best appearance possible.

The benefits of this are endless. It means our clients don’t have to compromise on the designs and colours they want, so they can deliver their interior design plans just how they imagined them. It also offers full flexibility to anyone wanting bespoke tiles, as we can create any colour tile, so they are not limited to a particular colour set or design. For businesses looking to create a mural or branding design, our method allows them to transfer the exact colours they use in other branding materials onto their tile designs, offering a consistent branding colour scheme.

So, if you want to experience our perfect colour bespoke tiles, get in touch today and see how we can help you achieve your design dreams.