The Best Tile Designs of 2017…

Choosing the right tile design for your business can be an enjoyable but confusing process. A space can be quickly and easily changed if you want to invest in the colour, style and finish that you and your customers will still love in years to come. You might be overwhelmed with choice, wondering whether to play it safe or take a risk in your design.

We are looking back at 2017’s business designs that you can take inspiration from moving forward into 2018, and beyond…

The below designs are a selection of winners from the 99d Awards 2017 – and we have demonstrated how you can incorporate these elements into your own tile designs…

Award for Best Use of Colour

Talented artists know exactly how colours work. Below is the award winner of 2017, who had the eye to mix and match colours with perfection. We did the same with our nature inspired blossom piece that combined beautiful colours and design.

Award for Most Out-There Design

Getting noticed as a brand and becoming memorable in that moment is hard, but highly achievable when it comes to the right design executed well. Below is the winner of 2017’s most out-there design, alongside our ground-breaking design that won’t fade from memory fast.

Award for Best Line Art Design

We all know the phrase, less is more. Minimalism is a trend that won’t ever stop, and this award honours a designer who took a fresh approach to line art. The caveman design stole their hearts at 2017’s 99d Awards, and we have been moving forward with our own minimalistic masterpieces to get businesses noticed.

It’s easy to see why these designs were award-winning, they are creative, colourful and everything that we love here at Tile Fire. It’s comforting to know that even with the mix of vivid colours, you can still have perfect designs like these on your tile thanks to our bespoke tile printing service. For more information on our Tile Printing please visit our Bespoke Printing page.