How interior design can change your business

Is your business interior working for you? Did you know that the design of your space can result in increased profits, harmonious working and quality customers? We’ve seen the results of how interior design can change your business. Below are the 5 main reasons you should rethink the design elements of your company…



Branding your company is a big deal. You want to make sure you’re hitting your target market where it counts and making a lasting impression so that you are the obvious choice for whatever goods or services you are offering. And not to worry; just as you are an expert in what your business does, there are experts who know about this branding stuff too. They will ensure the development of your brand is done right.


The Interior Design of your business can help to make or break your employee’s working experience. Providing your staff with the tools they need to ensure efficiency in their job allows them to be more productive. A well thought-out and designed space plan that addresses functionality should be of utmost importance when renovating, expanding or moving into a new commercial space.

An inspiring, brand-strengthening working environment will communicate that you are proud of your business which will resonate with your staff. Offering access to natural light and views outside raises spirits and creates a friendlier working environment that your employees will appreciate. Ensuring proper lighting and ergonomically designed workspaces will reduce strain on the eyes and body resulting in less time off, less time at the water cooler, and more time making your company money.


When it comes time to design, there are undoubtedly a few characteristics that any employer will be taking into consideration: price point, style, and even colour. But, for whatever reason, the shape is often overlooked – and it shouldn’t be. Using round features in your workspace design could help you think more creatively.


At first thought, it may seem like choosing colours for your workspace will be your easiest design decision. Of course, you’ll choose the colours that you’ve chosen for your brand, right? Not so fast.

Research has found that the colours that surround us have a profound effect on how well we are able to complete tasks. Exposure to blue and green shades was found to enhance performance on tasks that required participants to generate innovative ideas. Red, on the other hand, seemed to aid tasks that required specific attention to detail.

It’s no coincidence that a red, blue, and green colour combo sounds familiar to us. Many big-name companies like Google, eBay, and Microsoft have incorporated these shades into their branding and office design. Keep an eye out the next time you come across an advertisement. Odds are you’ll often meet these three shades.


In the past, the design was all about sleekness, clean lines, and functionality over form. Neutral shades were preferred over pops of colour and clean desks were praised over ones filled with clutter. However, it appears that this movement toward minimalism has gone too far. A lack of personality in design can lead to dissatisfaction.

The key to successful design lies in moderation. Too little will appear stark and unwelcoming while too much will seem cluttered and unorganised. Stick to designs that feels interesting-yet-professional and try to coordinate it with your paint colours to maintain cohesiveness.

Taking the results of how your business can be affected be design – do you think it’s time to get in touch with us? We craft exquisite bespoke tiles, just for you…