Tile Style – Top Design Trends of 2018

We’re here! It’s 2018 and the Top Design Trends are revealing their creative charm. But which way should you be taking your stamp of design this year? 2017 brought along some bold statements, but we’re thinking that this year is THE year to make your comeback.

So, what’s the style? Where should you be looking for inspiration? We’ve got the latest must-have trends to spice up your space below:

  1. You underestimate the power of the Dark Side.

Who says the Dark Side is a bad thing? Don’t be afraid to seek the darker colours in 2018. Just remember to have that contrast – the Yin to the Yang – every dark surface, try and have a light one close by or a fantastic design on there. Black is bold this season; it creates a perfect focal point for any space.

  1. Hug and Pug rhymes with Rug

In the stylish pop-ups of 2018, we can see ‘Rugging’ becoming a thing. It doesn’t require any faffing about with woven floor coverings, but instead incorporates the tiles to appear this way. It’s a simple trend that makes a massive impact, especially when you start adding your furniture to compliment the block. Plain tiles surrounded by interesting blocks to ‘zone off’ a particular area. Genius.

Printed Tiles for the Fireplace
  1. Furry, cuddly and a bundle of joy. What Animal am I?

Who doesn’t have their own favourite animal? Even if it’s a Whale or the Worm, they’re someone’s favourite. Adding in the beauty of an animal can create a spectacle in any space. Large enough to grab attention is always a terrific way to go, but even a quiet mouse in the corner can set off a spark of chatter.

  1. It’s all about the Natural side of life

With the trends of Yogi’s and Calmness – enhancing nature is a fantastic way to encourage the flow of eternal zen in 2018. Do waves suit your vibe? Splash them where you can, creating movement on the floors and walls. Welcome the wonderful.

  1. Go BIG or go home

For 2018, it’s all about celebrating the marvellous and magical. Tile trends don’t necessarily mean covering everything, but it does mean picking the space that makes it perfect for your space. By choosing the right design, and the right colour scheme – a big, bold creation can set you apart from the rest of them. Go all out.

TOP TIP FROM TILE FIRE! If you only choose one way to go…

… then it’s all about Hexagons. We believe it’s the tile trend which has the potential to be even bigger in 2018! People are ditching the norm and experimenting much more. Hexagons could be included in the pattern, it could be the shape of the tile – it could even be a mixture of tiles that make up one huge Hexagon-Haven. The possibilities are endless!

2018 will see the weird and wacky – and it’s embracing that culture and creating a spectacle in your space. What’s your wish for the year to come?