Restaurant Tiles

Fully Customisable Restaurant Tiles

Here at Tile Fire we love helping restaurants or restaurant design companies realise their ideas when it comes to restaurant tiles. Over the years we have helped many clients by providing fully customisable tiles. When opening at a new location our bespoke tiles are an amazing way to stand out from the crowd. We can produce tiles to your particular colour theme, just like these we produced for Bel Air. Bel Air had already used us to produce tiles for their first location. They were so happy that they came back a year later once they had expanded to a second location. Bel Air used our price calculator to find out how much their order would cost. It was then easy for them to place their order.

Restaurant Tiles, yellow and white pattern

Real Gold Restaurant Tiles

Another of our regular clients was very excited to find out that we could print REAL GOLD pattern tiles. They were fitting out a new bar/restaurant in Canary Wharf and these tiles fitted in with the colour theme perfectly. We print the gold in the same way we we print any tiles meaning that the design will never wear or fade. Get in touch to order a sample of our gold tiles or discuss your ideas.

Gold Pattern Restaurant Tiles

Our Digitally Printed Tile Murals

They were also commissioned to design Yummy Yorkshires new restaurant and ice cream parlour. A local artist provided the illustration of the cows and we printed the mural on our digital ceramic printers. Again this printing method will never fade, ware or scratch off. All of our restaurant tiles are printed with ceramic toners, inks or metals and then fired in our kiln. The firing process effectively melts the image into the gloss of the tile giving it the same durability as any shop bought tile.

Restaurant Tiles, digital cow mural